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Editing Projects

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Festivals & Awards

Manhattan Film Festival
   *Best Thriller Short
Independent Shorts Awards
Best Thriller Short
Beyond Hollywood International Film Festival 
Best Thriller
Cannes World Film Festival
   * Best Narrative Short Film
Vancouver Independent Film Festival
   * Best Actress

Killing Georgia Jones festivals and awards
Killing Georgia Jones
Directed by Andrew Gallerani
Edited by Laura Grody


In an abandoned rat-infested warehouse down by the tracks, Georgia Jones awakes, only to find her hands bound tightly above her head. A hooded figure slips from the shadows, approaching his captive victim. Flashing a switchblade, he prepares to strike, but hesitates.




In this tense clash of wills, motives are questioned, secrets exposed, as both sides vie for power and uncover the truth.

Just Write poster.jpeg
Just Write
Directed by Andrew Gallerani
Edited by Laura Grody

Romantic Comedy

What happens when a white lie spins out of control? 

That’s the question when movie super fan and Hollywood tour bus driver, Harold McMurphy (Jeremy Piven) meets beautiful starlet, Amanda Clark (Sherilyn Fenn). 

With his deep knowledge of Hollywood history, Amanda mistakenly believes Harold to be a writer.  Too embarrassed to tell her the truth, Harold does not correct her. Desperate for advice on a script she’s having doubts about, Amanda asks Harold if he wouldn’t mind reading it and making some notes. Seeing no way out now, Harold agrees. Harold’s life quickly unravels as his once innocent charade drags him deeper into Amanda’s Hollywood life of jealous boyfriends, suspicious agents and glamorous parties. Worse, the two are fast falling for each other.  What if she discovers the truth?

Festivals & Awards
Santa Barbara International Film Festival
Best Picture
Marco Island Film Festival
Audience Award for Best Feature Comedy
Santa Clara International Film Festival
   * Best Feature Comedy Film
Temecula Valley International Film Festival
   * Viewer's Choice Award

Jeremy Piven, Sherilyn Fenn
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