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Welcome to the News & Events page! Below are pictures and info from events we've had, including the Release Party for the original edition of the book, in which we did readings and prizes and food – oh my! And made a special delivery to the princess across the pond.

Grace and Dignity goes to Buckingham Palace!


Now, this wasn't a true "event" per se, but it was an event to me, so I had to acknowledge it here. I mean, how often do you have a reason to send a signed copy of your book to a real princess? AND get a response?! Yes, that's right, I am officially a Royal Dork. I sent off a signed copy of Grace and Dignity as a gift to Her Royal Highness, Princess Kate, Duchess of Cambridge. Seriously, I really did. I'm sure she has nothing else to do but read a book, but hey, what the heck, right? At least my Grandma will be happy since this was her idea, and she'll no doubt be impressed I was able to Google the Royal address.


I figured it would go off into the royal ethers, never to be acknowledged. But lo and behold, I received a photo and response in return!


Signed Grace and Dignity book for Princess Kate
Prince William and Princess Kate Williams
Letter from Princess Kate
Release Party - B1 Breadshop - Venice, CA

This was a real blast!  We had readings and prizes and food – oh my! I was assisted by my editor and map-maker Olga, and by my own Prince Dignity, Dale. Lots of fun, and at the same time we launched the opening of the unfortunately now-closed B1 Breadshop.

Grace and Dignity Release Party at B1 Breadshop
Nightly reenactments of the day's miserable events sign
Book Signing – Beyond Baroque – Venice, CA

This was my first book signing ever! And it was a great turn-out with friends and family coming to support. The Royal Sage even made a special announcement from Commitment City that went something like this:

“Please join us at this delightful little venue where Miss Grody will be signing copies of her debut novel Grace and Dignity, which features their royal highnesses Princess Grace and Prince Dignity, their friends Miracle Milo, DQ, Opinion-Poll Patti, and Clueless George, and my unfortunately-current boss, the unscrupulous Prince Denial.  On behalf of myself and the entire Kingdom of Love, we look forward to seeing you there!”                                                                                                       ~ Royal Sage

Beyond Baroque Bookstore
Laura Grody book signing
Beyond Baroque book signing
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