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Grace and Dignity The Ark of the Sacred Scrolls

Grace and Dignity:

The Ark of the Sacred Scrolls

Princess Grace and Prince Dignity, a royal couple with mystical powers, are set to be crowned king and queen of the magnificent Kingdom of Love. But on the eve of their coronation, disaster strikes, and Grace is told her prince has been murdered. Grief-stricken, the princess reportedly dies of a broken heart, and the shocked kingdom falls into the eager hands of Dignity’s narcissistic cousin, Prince Denial. Months later, however, Grace is found alive with a gap in her memory, a loss of her powers, and a mysterious Pig Latin note suggesting Prince Dignity is very much alive. As she searches for her prince throughout the rundown kingdom, Grace stumbles upon an ancient secret known as the “Cosmic Source”—a powerful force which promises to revive her mystical powers and lead to an exciting new way of living. But with the crown title “throne” for a loop, the future of the Kingdom of Love hangs upon the prince’s Dignity.


Find out if True Love conquers all in this mystical, linguistical tale of Grace and Dignity: the Ark of the sacred scrolls.

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"If you liked The Princess Bride ...
                               'll love Grace and Dignity!" 

Author Laura Grody takes the reader on an adventurous ride with her tale...a delightful romp in linguistics and puns. Even chapter titles are fun to read; some examples are “O Prince, Where Art Thou?”; “A Simple Twist of Faith”; and “A Perfect Brainstorm.” Not only is Ms. Grody an accomplished master of the English language, she is also a creative, engaging writer. She presents many metaphysical concepts in a refreshing and entertaining way. Let us hope this book is the beginning of other tales from this charming Kingdom."

--Deborah Lloyd, Readers' Favorite

Get ready for plays on words, brilliant quirks and an adventure into a world far, far away where once again, the power of true love and goodness of heart must conquer all to vanquish evil and re-create a glorious future for the Kingdom of Love. Laura Grody is nothing short of brilliant in the creation of this fabulous fantasy! Fun reading, filled with wit, endearing characters and a life changing quest!

--Dianne, TomeTender Book Blog

This Young Adult novel...was one of the most unique, rare and feel-good books I have read in a while! Fun, Fun, Fun! Well plotted, paced and a true gem.

--Michelle J.


What a charming, fantastical story of love and accomplishment.I found my eyes tearing at the power contained in this simple story of "love conquers all".

--Kristy L.


This novel is a romantic's tour through a realm in which "Grace" and "Dignity" aren't merely the names of characters, but lessons in another way of living ... for all of us.

--Christina C.

A really good book will have you going through so many emotions. This one did for me! This is on my top five list of favorites. I encourage you to pick this up, no matter what genre you read and enjoy it for what it is. A story of good vs evil, true love, bravery and respect. I loved it!
--Shani K.​

I love this book! The adventure was so perfectly amazing to read. I read the whole book like ten times. When I finished the book, the ending made the entire book worth reading again.

--Sisto8, LitPick

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