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Every author appreciates when readers take the time to give an honest review of their work. It helps us know you're out there and it tickles us to know what stands out to you about what we've written. Below, take a peek at a 5-STAR review from Readers' Favorite, and see what readers on Goodreads and Amazon are saying about Grace and Dignity: The Ark of the Sacred Scrolls!


The story begins in the Kingdom of Love, the day before the wedding of Prince Dignity and Princess Grace. But, the ominous Winds of Change came through the land, and everything changed. Prince Denial, the narcissistic cousin of Dignity, developed a devious plan to interfere with the marriage and future reign of this cherished couple. 

Author Laura Grody takes the reader on an adventurous ride with her tale, Grace and Dignity: The Ark of the Sacred Scrolls. When Grace is told that Dignity was murdered, she reportedly died of a broken heart. Eventually, she is found to be alive – and if her death was a fabrication, was Dignity’s death a lie? Many characters are part of the tale, but each one’s characteristics is fittingly captured within his or her name. Metaphysical beliefs are cleverly intertwined within the tale. Princess Grace and Prince Dignity, as well as several other characters, have strong intuitive abilities; these are needed to restore the land. These beliefs are explained in the missing Sacred Scrolls.

Grace and Dignity: The Ark of the Sacred Scrolls by Laura Grody is a delightful romp in linguistics and puns. Even chapter titles are fun to read; some examples are “O Prince, Where Art Thou?”; “A Simple Twist of Faith”; and “A Perfect Brainstorm.” Not only is Ms. Grody an accomplished master of the English language, she is also a creative, engaging writer. She presents many metaphysical concepts in a refreshing and entertaining way. Let us hope this book is the beginning of other tales from this charming Kingdom.          
--Deborah Lloyd for Readers' Favorite

5.0 out of 5 starsSuch a sweet and awesome story!

By Shani K. on June 17, 2016

Format: Paperback

If you hand me a book and tell me, “It’s a fairy tale twisted with a bit of mystery” I would snag it up and read it probably in one sitting. In the last year I’ve really enjoyed reading the different interpretations by authors with the fairy tale genre. All of the ones I have read are just perfect with the twisting. That is why I was excited to read Laura’s book.

I fell in love with Princess Grace right away. She has a sense of innocence about her that hasn’t been spoiled by life outside of her kingdom. She is exactly what you would expect her to be. I found it refreshing and wonderful that the love between her and Prince Dignity was developed well and treated with respect. Often times characters like theirs are more on the tortured soul side. I really enjoyed their story and adventures.

Laura took this tragedy that had occurred (or so they thought) and the missing prince and threw a spin that was perfect! I felt frustrated with Prince Denial for his stupidity and sad because I wasn’t ready to let Prince Dignity go. Obviously Princess Grace wasn’t either! With strength and bravery she fights to find out the truth of what has happened to not only the Prince but herself. What really happened while she was off somewhere during her blackout?

She is determined to figure it all out and to conquer evil with her goodness. She is feisty and a fighter. In all honesty, she’s much more of a warrior than some in the kingdom! She’s a Princess with heart but can cut you to the quick if you cross her. Especially with evil! I loved her character and her wit.

Prince Dignity has such pure love in his heart and he is ready to throw down and fight the good battle with Prince Denial and anyone who wishes to stand in his way. I felt kind of sorry for some of the characters during the more intense moments. Could you imagine being in the middle of those more intense moments? Prince Dignity has just that, a lot of dignity to go along with his bravery and understanding. He’s determined to get back to his beloved and help her to conquer evil in their kingdom.

I really thought it was clever that the characters names were a play on their description and/or personalities. It’s a creative way of adding intrigue to them quickly. I also loved the humor and wit that comes with some of the supporting characters. Well with them all really. Having humor in a book will always draw me in more than others. A really good book will have you going through so many emotions. This one did for me! I tend to read anything and as of late have read quite a few from the young adult genre. This is on my top five list of favorites.

I encourage you to pick this up, no matter what genre you read and enjoy it for what it is. A story of good vs evil, true love, bravery and respect. I loved it!

I give it 5 out of 5 stars!

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